Dee Roman


Dee Roman is an author, coach and motivational speaker. She is an avid story teller and uses her natural gift of encouragement to help people overcome insurmountable obstacles. She believes in miracles because she is one!

Ten years ago, Dee walked into Oasis Church deeply scarred from her life in the sex industry and a 30-year meth addiction. It was there she came face to face with the truth: she was valued by God and had a purpose.

Dee dove head first into her recovery process and started attending a variety of recovery programs, The Bondage Breakers, Celebrate Recovery, Grief Recovery and a private support group for ex sex industry workers, run by the Treasures Ministry in Los Angeles. She was surrounded by love and found the courage to work through her healing so that she could use her story to help others heal.

Dee has coached survivors of sex trafficking at the Los Angeles Dream Center’s Project Hope. She is currently mentoring several women from Treasures who are transitioning out of the sex industry. Dee also teaches The Grief Recovery Method at Oasis Church and at Treasures. Dee has been leading the Treasures Ministry support group on Monday nights for the last 2 years.

Dee's Speaking Topics

- Grief Recovery
- When Words Become Weapons
- Overcoming Addiction
- Overcoming Sexual Abuse
- Raising up leaders
- Nurturing your God given gifts
- Being a new creation in Christ
- From Victim to Overcomer to Liberator

- Healthy Relationships

Welcome to my home page. 
My name is Dvine Roman but my friends call me Dee.
I am an Author, Speaker, Blogger, Photographer, 
and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®


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Anyone who believes in Christ is a New Creation!
The old is gone!
The new has come!
2 Corinthians 5:17