The 40-Day Fast from Negative Thinking 
for Christians

Dvine Roman- known by friends as Dee, knows all to well that your thought life shapes your reality. In this book, Dee shows you how to apply the Scriptures to your everyday life in a practical easy to understand way, to combat negative thinking. Be encouraged as you learn to fight the war in 

your mind, AND WIN!

"This lady is the real deal! If you are looking for steps to freedom this 40-day journey is it! D knows because she's lived it and now shared it. I encourage you to not only get a copy of The 40-Day Fast from Negative Thinking and journey it for yourself, but also get one for a friend & journey it together! I'm excited for your future." 

Bronwen Healy: Author, Communicator & Founder of Hope Foundation, Australia

"Dee is a liberator in the truest sense.  She has not just overcome her past; she is using her life and story to bring freedom to others. Even in the midst of heartbreak and loss, Dee is the kind of woman who pushes through to breakthrough and invites others to join her on the journey. Denise understands, firsthand, that 

the way we think determines the way we live. In this 40 Day Fast From Negative Thinking, you will find encouragement, truth and practical insights that will inspire you to live in new levels of freedom."     


Harmony Dust- Founder of Treasures, Author of Scars and Stilletos

"Dee has one of the most powerful life-changing testimonies I have ever heard. I have personally witnessed her transformation from a broken and hurting young woman into an amazing godly woman full of life! 40-Day Fast from Negative Thinking is filled with powerful insight that Dee received as a result of her own life experiences. This book will encourage you to combat negative thinking by putting on the mind of Christ. If you apply the principles Dee discusses, you too can experience victory in your thought-life. This is definitely a must-read!"


Nancy Alcorn – Founder & President of Mercy Ministries


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